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Logos & Usage

ACBL Brand Personality

The values and goals of ACBL are reflected in its brand personality. Through consistent visual elements, ACBL can establish that it is educational, fun, supportive, enthusiastic, club-centered and historical. Following the standards set in this guide will ensure that this identity is conveyed consistently and recognizably.

Brand Standard and Usage Guide

The ACBL has developed the Brand Standards and Usage Guide to ensure the organization’s brand personality is preserved across all platforms and in communications at all levels to both current and prospective members. The guide describes the correct usage of ACBL logos and seals as well as the official color palette.

ACBL Logo and Seal Usage

Teachers, clubs, units and districts approved by the ACBL may use its logo and seal as shown below when creating bridge-related ads, fliers or similar communications so longs as such use is in compliance with ACBL’s Brand Standards and Usage Guide. Scroll through to see all logos and seals, use the buttons to download the files.

Other Logos

Media Kit

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Cooperative Advertising Program

CAP/Facebook Ads

You do the advertising. We’ll help pay!

The Cooperative Advertising Program (CAP) partially reimburses bridge teachers, club, units and districts for advertising expenses so long as they promote programs and lessons designed for bridge newcomers and/or to recruit ACBL members. CAP will refund 50% of eligible advertising costs with a maximum amount of $500. Qualifying advertisements must be date-specific and use approved ACBL logos. Note: Teachers cannot take advantage of both Boost and CAP for the same course.
Cooperative Advertising Program Details
Cooperative Advertising Program
ACBL reserves the right to refuse reimbursement for any reason for CAP submissions. Submissions by a person who has any ownership, management or conflict of interest in the media outlet in which they are advertising (e.g. personal websites, online and print publications) will not be approved for CAP reimbursement.
CAP Reimbursement Form
CAP Guidelines & Requirements
Eligible Media
Pre-Approval & Submission
CAP Request Checklist
Ad Templates Ad TemplatesLogos LogosClip Art Clip Art

Facebook Ads Webinar

Recruiter Incentives

ACBL Recruiter

Up to $30 for each new member

ACBL recruiters keep bridge thriving, and we want to show our appreciation. With our new Recruitment Incentives, we’ll award up to US$30 for each new member a registered recruiter brings to the ACBL!

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Bigger bonuses paid more quickly

Under this new reward initiative, recruiters receive a US$10 bonus for each new ACBL member*, plus US$10 more when the member renews after the first year, and another US$10 if the member renews a second time. (Accordingly, a new three-year membership pays a one-time US$30 bonus.)At least twice a year, we’ll issue a check for the recruitment incentives balance.

* Incentives are not available for recruiting junior (under 26).

Who are our recruiters?

Teachers, Club Managers and active Club Directors are automatically registered as recruiters. In order to have the monetary incentives credited to their account, recruiters need to ensure that their member number is entered in the New Member Application form (either online or printed forms).

We depend on our recruiters to promote bridge at the local level as we work to serve all members. Together we can ensure a bright future for the game. —Joseph Jones, ACBL Executive Director

ACBL’s previous incentives will be gradually phased out (check the FAQ, question 4), so ACBL recruiters will be eligible to receive both incentive rewards for a certain period! Note that the upgraded club championship game awarded to recruiting clubs for every 10 new members is still available.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact us at

Recruiter FAQ

Brochures & Pamphlets
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Email Services

Email marketing is a great tool for promoting games, lessons and other events as well as keeping members informed on the latest news. While the ACBL is not able to send emails on behalf of teachers, clubs, units or districts, there is some contact information available to you depending on your role. This is accessible through your MyACBL portal. Please note the ACBL’s Terms of Use for allowable content and members allowed to be contacted.

Units and districts have access to Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola, a tool with the permitted contact information preloaded, including the unique radius function. The platform also includes branded templates for units and districts to use. For more details and pricing, visit

Units and districts are not required to use Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola. There are a variety of platforms (Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc.) that allow you to upload the permitted email addresses downloaded through the MyACBL portal.

Scam Alert

The ACBL has been notified of members being solicited by ‘phishing scams.’ We take all of these instances serious and work hard to keep our sites safe. After any notification, we check our systems again.

FYI – just because a phishing email lands in your inbox, it doesn’t mean your computer is infected with a virus or malware. … Phishers might send emails to thousands of addresses every day, and if you reply to one of their messages, it confirms your email address is live. This makes you even more of a target. We appreciate you alerting us and helping to keep our network, and our people, safe from cyber threats.

Phishing” is the most common type of cyber-attack that affects organizations like ours. Phishing attacks can take many forms, but they all share a common goal – getting you to share sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, or bank account details, or to simply send money or gift cards.