Boost Face-to-Face Initiative - Teacher Application


    The ACBL Education Foundation in partnership with ACBL is piloting a program to support teachers and clubs in a return to face-to-face classes and play. A limited number of Teachers (and their affiliated Clubs) who meet the criteria will have the opportunity to participate in the program.

    Social media ad campaigns will be run for one of their upcoming beginning bridge courses to generate prospective student leads. Teachers participating commit to contacting those leads and tracking their progress, including signing them up as ACBL Guest Members and offering MP play opportunities to connect them with their partnered Club.

    IMPORTANT: At this time, we are only accepting applications from teachers with beginning bridge courses, already scheduled, that will start in 2023. Courses MUST be submitted 6 weeks before the first day of class to be considered.

    Typically, submissions are reviewed once weekly on Monday (except during NABCs).


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    Is there a second teacher?

    Second Teacher Information

    Should they be included in emails regarding Boost F2F Initiative?


    Course Information

     ♠ Course must be in-person and specifically for new or beginning players.
     ♠ Course must be a minimum of 8 hours (does not include supervised play).
     ♠ Course must have a minimum of 6 classes.
      Note: If you offer shorter courses, we recommend combining 2 or more to meet the minimum requirements (e.g., LBIAD + follow-on course).
     ♠ Course must have a cost - it cannot be entirely free (except OLLI courses).


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    Paid upfront or per class?*

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    Club Partnership Information

    Teachers who participate in this pilot are expected to work closely with a local Club. It is preferred that the course be held at the Club but it is not required.

    We do require that there are coordinated opportunities at the Club for students to get connected and play (e.g., teaching games, mentor/mentee games, 0-20MP games, and/or supervised play opportunities) during the Course and/or in the month following.

    You need to provide the name and contact information for the Club contact. Your (or they) will be asked to track attendance and report total fees collected by the Club, for activities your students (lead generated) participate in at the club during this time period.

    Club Host Information





    What type of play opportunity at the Club is being offered?*.


    I certify that I have discussed the Boost program with my Club contact and they are onboard to offer the play opportunity outlined above.